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relieved, wowed, thrilled, healed, amazed, enlightened, psyched, transformed, floored, stunned, peaceful, calm, confidant, impressed, excited, empowered, pleasantly surprised, free, healthier, happier & really, really grateful.


What will yours say?

WOW. You did amazing work here on my stuff! ...  My website is  totally amazing and BEAUTIFUL! I love it I really love it.  I'm very excited, very excited!

Oh Jen, you are so awesome! The flyer looks gorgeous!

Thanks Jen. So happy to have you!

... made very few changes... Because I absolutely love it!

Thanks for doing that for me. I forwarded it to ... You be awesome.

I like the one with the center logo and tagline! Good job!

I really appreciated your availability, patience, and help! You were amazing!  My business has really picked up in the last couple of months and I'm very grateful.

Jennifer - That is awesome! 

We think this is a GREAT resume! Jennifer, thank you so much for helping Brian so thoroughly and empathetically.  And we think that your email is full of good sense and good advice; it’s all very impressive.  So glad to have you on team Brian!

Thanks so much Jen - you’re the best! ..... You are so talented!!!

Jen, wowza ... I absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeeee it.. Thank you soo much for being YOU....

Jen, It all looks soo awesome...

Thank you sooo much. You are such a GEM

Wow, amazing Jenn, ...  my website looks AWESOME , thanks!

I ADORE my Twitter page!  

Your emails are very complete & totally informative - & your level of professionalism, expertise, wizardry & all around genius, knock me out!

You really are awesome and beyond.  Thank you Jen for today, I learned a lot ... and all the beyond. I loved my card as well!
So excited! Thanks for the help with Mail Chimp

So happy , we r so happy, because u r always the best to be close by by all your updates, expertise and friendship and awesome advice!

You nailed it.  You always do.

Jen has an amazing ability to cut to the truth and the core of the issue so fast that you don't even know how you got there. I was able to clear old patterns and beliefs easily with her and I felt safe and held enough to do so with ease and joy. She's great because she goes with the flow and even when Id try to distract myself, she gently nudged me right back into the work without even saying a word. I highly recommend her and give her 5 gold stars!

Before I met Jen, I was carrying around so much of the past...failed relationships, unfulfilling work, personal conflict...a sense of unease prevailed. This past weighed heavily upon me, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. This often led to bouts of depression, lack of interest in people and thinking that life was such a long slow descent into nothingness. When I first met Jen i was quite desperate. Organised religion, substance abuse, relationships had all led to not finding a sense of oneness.Jen had such a sense of purpose to her. Her lightness of being, her knowing of her mission on the planet and the strong need to help people find a way out of their suffering was very evident.  Yet, I approached the first Rising Star with her with a sense of this as being some hocus pocus new age trick. To my great surprise, it bought about a feeling of calm quite quickly. I felt sleepy and could rest fitfully for the first 3 days. As time passed, I felt a lightening of being, as if my past karma was being washed away. I could relate to things in a way I had never done before. I felt more vibrant, cheerful and able to connect to people on a deeper level. It was to use a 60's term, groovy. I have now done my third Rising Star. I am a different person. For the first time in many years I can look at myself in the mirror and feel at peace with what I see. I live very much in the present and the past seems to be of so little importance. The "i" seems to have melted and in its place has come to sense that we are all in the same boat and that yes, I can reach out, too, unhesitatingly, and touch people in the smallest of ways. There is no fear in being my higher self, to live with dignity and have compassion for all beings. This time on earth is very precious and we have a choice. I hope you give yourself the chance to experience the healing that is so evidently moving through Jen.

I worked with Jen several years ago in a session that has continued to impact my life in a huge way. I was a struggling perfectionist, which might sound like your average overly organized Type A kind of personality trait, yet the way my perfectionism affected me was much different. It showed up in a way where I would feel anxious if I even thought about taking steps for a new project or idea. It would creep in so early that it would paralyze any creativity or freedom and nothing would feel like it was going to be "good enough" and I wouldn't start anything. In one session, Jen guided me to the root cause of how I started the habit and helped me to understand why I created it and most importantly, the work we did together eliminated it all together.  I'm so GRATEFUL to Jen for her amazing work and for being so much FUN to work with!

You are such a LOVE. I have to tell you I am feeling AWESOME. Like seriously powerful and full of love and confidence. Thank you so much.

Wow thank you so much - I feel so calm and clear right now.

My sessions with Jennifer were such an eye-opener for me and the techniques are so incredibly impressive with their simplicity to change so much in a such a short amount of time and she has such a unique and powerful way of helping to uncover what is behind the negative stuff and clearing it for good. I have been singing her praises at the top of my lungs and I strongly suggest that if there's anything you want to change in your life, that you give her a call!! 

I want to thank you so very much for my wonderful and enlightening class last night. You are a great teacher and I look forward to ...

I have been feeling good, and this is the first Sunday I've woken up in years that I'm happy. I feel good about Monday. Thank you for all your support. I don't think you'll really ever know how much this means to me.

Thank you for the e-mail and the healing. I am so glad I took you up on it sooner rather than later. The sacral pain is gone! I am so happy that area is clearing out ...

I've become healthier, happier and more alert and aware than I have ever been. It has been quite empowering to my character and I recommend this process to anyone. I feel there is something to be taken away from it no matter who you are or what your situation may be.

You're awesome, you rule!!! Thank you so much!! I am so aware right now it's incredible. LOTS of things moving forward!... I've been able to say things that I've never said before!!! A lot shifting, thanks for everything!!!

I just wanted to thank you again for our chat on Saturday and sending you a HUGE hug.

Thank you Jen!!!! It is very very helpful!!!!! Just painted a beautiful, gorgeous painting!!!!!

After having several NLP sessions with Jennifer, I honestly feel like I have a new lease on life! I no longer feel constrained by the issues I came to her for help with and have experienced huge chances since I began my NLP sessions. I conquered fears I didn't know I had, uncovered sneaky associations that were negatively affecting my attitude toward success and living my dreams, and have empowered myself in belief and action to achieve my goals in both my business and personal life. 

I thank you as well FEEL GREAT!!!

Hey Jennifer, just wanted to let you know I'm doing really really well. Def. some issues are working themselves out, but I'm very happy they're coming OUT. I didn't realize just all of the stuff that was stuck in there and all of the things I was holding on to, so letting go of it has been WONDERFUL.

Wow, this Rising Star stuff really moved me forward or else I would have jumped off a cliff ... Thank you for being here for me. I love you so much! You are a really good soul.

Things have really shifted in my life, and I just started a new job this week! ... things have picked up in amazing ways ... In short, shit has shifted around finance/career/self-worth/confidence in major ways...This NLP stuff really works!!!!

I'm thrilled and somewhat relieved to be starting these sessions again, as I know they're really making such a huge difference in my life.

... to recap, I feel amazing today!

Thank you so much!!! words can't express how much I appreciate you and your service!

Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help, you are amazing and fabulous.

You are an amazing NLP practitioner!

Excited for the value I feel you are going to bring to my business.  Thanks for all of your diligence so far.

You hold the most amazing space full of love and patience and support.

Thank you and you are amazing!

Thank you for the bottom of my heart for facilitating such an amazing session yesterday - I went to sleep right after and fell asleep immediately and then woke up 20 min before the alarm in such a peaceful state it was amazing and beautiful.

You are one amazing soul!!!  Rising Star is the bomb! So are you!

Feeling better about (name deleted for privacy) too ever since the BIG "disconnect." When I used to think of him, fear and nerves would erupt but I'm feeling way lighter and no longer feel those things. Wow, that's the first time in 26 years! Phew. 

You are wonderful and I can not even tell you how grateful I am that you have been here for me and that you shared this healing with me. I love you my friend. Thank you thank you!

I don't even know what to say. Last night was incredible. I can't believe... I feel so very blessed to of had this gift. Truly amazing. For the first time in my life I felt like it was all going to be OK. Everything. All of it.

I swear - I walked away without that bitterness and sadness. This is HUGE for me, I just breathe and bless! Thank you for always being my guiding star.