Meet Jen

one of the happiest and upbeat women in the room. 


JEN ANDERSON is on a mission.

Jennifer Anderson is a highly creative communications strategist and business development consultant with 20 years experience in digital marketing, driving corporate communications, program development, brand management and marketing & business development initiatives.  Her background includes the Global headquarters of Deloitte, and PR, Technology, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Film, Radio, Wellness & Non-profit.   

She currently serves as Head of Marketing & Communications for, a non-profit dedicated to the upliftment of humanity, and balances her time between advising clients on program and business development activities, helping launch small businesses into the digital universe on various platforms and the other half of her conscious consulting practice, where she helps people of all ages to heal and thrive. Sometimes, those areas intertwine.  Jen is super duper passionate about normalizing wellness practices and culture in business, within families, and in life in general, and partnering with people to help them bring their business to life.  

Motivated and inspired by the field of potential, Jennifer has also worked in the healing arts  for over 15 years, helping others obliterate whatever stands in their way of greater happiness, health and success.  She has a unique background in corporate settings and expertise in energy healing therapies, adept at harnessing her gifts with the power of mindfulness and energy techniques to help individuals & businesses transform through Wellness Workshops and Programs rooted in spirit-mind-body alignment.  She's trained with the tops in the fields of personal development, spirituality, energy healing and consciousness, and integrates her decades of continuous energy healing training and practice with her background and study of human potential into all of her work. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and numerous certifications in wellness workshop facilitation and energy healing therapies.

Jen's core strengths include writing, an ease in connecting with people, a quick wit, and a high degree of intuition and vision, enabling her to quickly seeing how to best shift a person/situation to a more positive outcome, and how to best present people’s gifts and talents in order to connect them with their target audience.  She’s known for her natural enthusiasm, sense of humor, inspiring  & empowering others, and being one of the happiest and upbeat women in the room. Jennifer holds the belief that our Spiritual Quotient is the highest intelligence, and that through personal development, unity consciousness and service to others, we can transform our lives for the better.